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Reverie EP

Reverie is about transition. A shift from the comfortable to the unknown.

"Icarus" details a pivotal moment in songwriter Michael James' 8-year battle with fibromyalgia - and all the complications that came with it. At age 21, a strange and persistent pain developed in his right arm, soon spreading throughout his entire body. The lyrics pick up where Get Well Soon Town's "Funny How It Works Out" left off, conceptualizing James' subsequent coping methods as a "charming thief" who stole the "fire in [him]," as he occasionally drifted too close to self-destruction - often with the same misguided hubris as the mythical Icarus.

Lead single "Saturday Song", co-written with lead guitarist Robert Gaar, is a simple but probing look at the fractal relationship many traveling artists develop with their loved ones.

"No More Crying Over Love" is about leaving a sure thing, deviating from a path towards marriage to take a chance on someone who really makes you tick.

The epic 7-minute closer, "Prague" was written in 2015, when James was paying $200 a month to live in the attic of a NE Portland home. The heat that summer was so bad that he spent most nights sleeping on a blanket in the basement, beneath a grand piano where the opening chords first found him. Written only 2 months into a relationship with a former love, it prophesied a period of transformation that would later occur when the two were living together in the Czech Republic. The track was mostly recorded in James' childhood home in the winter of 2018.

Reverie was recorded from November 30th, 2019 to December 26th, 2020, and originally released on June 5th, 2020 (under the band name Goldish).

Re-released ____________ 2021.

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